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Standard and custom sized copper and zinc planters. From landscape elements to table top.


In addition to our Kitchen Island and Farm tables we make one of a kind pieces. We have capabilities in steel and wood, interior grade and exterior grade, and custom sizes.



We build our Kitchen Island Table to be as strong as a workbench, but graceful enough to reflect the beauty in your home. The art and craft of preparing food is one of the last places the modern family comes together to work with their hands. We aspire to honor that tradition with a base made from reclaimed heart pine finished with a natural wax finish. We've left the bottom open for easy access to your cookware. Standard top and shelf in copper or zinc but we are happy to use a material that matches your existing space. We can accommodate cooktops, sinks, and closed storage underneath. 

Shown at 8’ by 3’ by 36” in northern hard pine with a lime wax finish and a copper top. Hardware is cast bronze.


When Daniel moved to the Vineyard in 2003 he brought his love for Uruguayan outdoor cooking with him. Traditionally called a Churrasquero, these outdoor kitchen are an extension of the daily home. Offering space for the artful preparation and cooking of meals and gathering around the warmth of a centered cooking fire and natural stone. We offer full design and construction services. We are also happy to work with your existing landscape designer and contractors. 


In the kitchen, a copper or zinc countertop is known as a "living" surface, which means that (like copper cookware) it reacts to acid. Unsealed copper countertops will oxidize and tarnish over time, giving it a unique patina with hints of red, green, and brown in it. Sealed countertops will keep their shiny appearance longer, but do need to be treated periodically with beeswax or butcher's wax to keep it in good condition. Other things to note: copper is a soft metal, so it is easily dented and scratched. Again, some people like the distressed look this gives the countertop over time, but if not, you can usually buff the copper back into shape. On the good side, copper countertops are surprisingly easy to clean. Use warm water and soap, or a little lemon juice, salt, and a scouring sponge (with a good rinse after). Copper countertops are also naturally antimicrobial, and are said to resist bacteria better than stainless steel.