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HawkHouse Jewelry and Banana's Clothing Featured in Fourth Pop-up


On July 26th we celebrated the fourth installment of our pop-up series, welcoming Hawkhouse jewelry and clothes from Banana’s collection. The jewelry, hand-made in Aquinnah, includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and keychains, made with materials ranging from precious gems to copper to stones found on the Island. Because the gems and stones used are raw, each piece comes in a different shape and size, making each one unique. Another distinctive quality of Hawkhouse’s work is the use of electroforming, a time intensive jewelry-making process that involves conductive paint in order for the copper mold around each gem’s shape. Hawkhouse has rings and necklaces on sale this week, so make sure you get something special before they are gone!

In addition, we are also excited to be featuring an assortment of garments and accessories from Banana’s Clothing.  The collection includes shirts, pants, dresses and shoes, as well as accessories like scarves and tote bags. We’ll be featuring a variety designers such as Christina Lehr, Elizabeth Rubidge and Laraethnics. Many of the garments are handmade using materials like homespun cotton and sustainable dyes.

The pop-up will end on August 17th, so make you stop by for some new jewelry or a new addition to your wardrobe!

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