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Headbands, Henna and More


Summer is well on it's way here at Island Copper Gallery, and we’ve had an eventful weekend to show for it. On Friday, June 16th we held an opening party for Rooey Knots, the headliner of our second pop-up installment. The Rooey Knots collection of fashion headbands are hand-sewn from upcycled silk neckties, and come in a variety of colors and styles that are guaranteed to make any outfit pop. Whether braided, buttoned or bowed, there’s a headband here for everyone. Other accessories, which include clutches, handbags and glasses cases, are just as much fun. And the best part? Each item is completely unique—thanks to creator Gareth Brown’s vision to make Rooey Knots a sustainable business and create a product that deviates from mass-produced fashion.


To make the opening night even sweeter, Not Your Sugar Mama’s—the island’s go-to organic food company—indulged gatherers with delicious and nutritious refreshments. They gave us a taste of their new gluten-free bread, which could be topped with freshly prepared vegan cheese. Samples of luscious superfood chocolate—their flagship product—were, of course, a huge hit throughout the evening.                   

On Saturday, June 17th, the Gallery’s front patio was transformed into a one-evening-only henna and massage studio. Abby Gallant was on hand to treat people to a rejuvenating chair massage, while renowned henna artist Bridgette Bartlett wowed us with her stunning henna designs. If you stopped by in the evening, you would have found Fernando—our in-house guitarist—serenading us with soulful guitar renditions of American and Uruguayan classics. With the summer just around the corner, it was a great way to relax and unwind before the season hits full swing.


If you missed the festivities last weekend, no fear! Stay tuned to our Instagram page for updates on upcoming events, or sign up for our email list. The Rooey Knots pop-up ends on July 5th, so make sure you stop by soon for that one-of-a-kind fashion accessory while they are still on display. And if you’re looking for a sweet spot to hang out on Friday evenings, stop by to relax on our patio while the lavender is still in bloom. Or challenge Noava—our reigning chess champion—to some friendly competition. Whether you’re here for the copper, the unique array of artisan goods, or just want to check out the island’s latest gallery, come see what’s new!

Island Copper